The Eyewear Studio at Family Eye Health
Associates has something for every style and
Our Updated Eyewear Studio...Eyeglasses for Every Member of the Family
All of our premium eyewear comes standard
Crizal anti-glare technology.  We offer
custom lens designs such as Transitions, tints,
polarized sunglasses, and scratch resistant
(401) 921-0098
Our Location:
2374 Post Road
Airport Professional Park
Suite 104
Warwick, RI 02886
Personalized eye care...
Focused on you and your family.
We use Varilux lenses as our standard
progressive lenses for our patients who need
glasses for both distance and near.  Varilux
lenses utilize technology that gives you the
clearest, sharpest vision you have ever
experienced with no-line bifocals.

We also repair and adjust glasses.  From
replacing a lost screw to straightening bent
frames, we can take care of appointment